A Time to Heal...
Our products support the following:


2. HEALTH -  using essential oils of the highest standard and naturally grown herbs.

3. The ENVIRONMENT - Products are environmentally friendly and chemical free.

4. PEOPLE - Educating people about the benefits and correct use of essential oils

About Essential Harmony

Quality Essential Oil products since 2007

Essential Harmony, a South African Company, is the Designer, Manufacturer and Distributor of the New Electric Aromatherapy Vaporizer. The Vaporizer is ceramic, making it strong and elegant and is available in various colours with options in artwork such as the Out of Africa Range.


They are suitable for Hotels, Offices, Homes and the Beauty and Wellness Industry.


The creation of this patented Vaporizer is the foundation of the company

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All Essential Harmony products can be purchased from our online store. Credit card payments are facilitated by Monster Pay (part of Setcom). EFT payments are also accepted. Visit us HERE

Visit our store

The Essential Harmony store is located at:

Henley Shopping Centre

1853 Ewelme Street

Henley on Klip

South Africa

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