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Essential Office

Essential Office freshens and disinfects the office environment. It is useful for Sick Building Syndrome and air-conditioned offices with inadequate airflow. This unique blend of Essential Oils, beneficial for the Office environment, has been chosen for its antimicrobial, antiseptic, bactericidal and antiviral properties.

Experience all the benefits of the Essential Office vaporizer oil with your Electric Aromatherapy Vaporizer. Perfect corporate gift! Essential Office vaporizer oil are used with the Electric Aromatherapy Vaporizer and Essential Office Vaporizer crystals. Buy online.

Revive Room Spray

The revive room spray can be used in the office, at home or even in the car. The Revive Room Spray freshens the air and brings back the smiles.   Buy online.

Revive Roll on

An uplifting blend which assists with forgetfulness, frustration, irritability and emotional exhaustion.  Helps to keep the mind clear and alert, stimulates the immune system.  Buy online.

Niaouli: Assists with problems such as asthma, bronchitis, flu, laryngitis, sinusitis, irritability, frustration, lethargy, discouragement and forgetfulness. Stimulant - Not to be used at night.


Lemon: Prevents the spread of infection, helps to keep the mind clear and alert, assists in making decisions and brings clarity and light when the mind becomes foggy and confused.


Clary Sage: Assists with asthma, throat infections, depression, migraine, nervous tension and stress-related disorders.


Lavender: Assists with asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis, throat infections, flu, depression, headaches, migraine, nervous tension and stress related conditions.

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