A Time to Heal...
Essential Sleep

This special blend contains sedating essential oils such as the roots of Vetiver, the roots and heartwood of Sandalwood and the flowers of Lavender and Rose Geranium. Essential Sleep - A time to sleep…

The exquisite Essential Sleep oil blend is available as a vaporizer oil. Only a small quantity can be used on the vaporizer to ensure a good night’s sleep. Buy oil online.   This oil should be used with the Essential Oil vaporizer crystals when using the Electric Aromatherapy Vaporizer.  Buy crystals online.

Glycerine bath soap

This gentle, lathering glycerine soap contains essential oils of Sandalwood and Rose Geranium. Loved by everyone - even men comment on how they love it, so it's not just for the ladies! Buy online.

Luxury bath oil

Includes Vetiver which is known as the "Oil of Tranquility" as well as Sandalwood, Geranium and Lavender. Buy online.

The Essential Sleep range is the perfect gift. A gift of Essential Sleep is not only an exquisite aroma, but also the valuable gift of sleep. For gift bags options please view our full range on the online shop.

"I recently bought a packet of your Essential Sleep Herbal Tea Bags. I have found them very pleasant to drink and most effective for relaxation and restful sleep."   

- AnneMarie

"Not sleeping runs in my family. I don't want to take sleeping tablets so I tried the Essential Sleep Tincture. I love the fact that it isn't habit forming but best of all it really works!"   

- ‘S’

"I must say that the quality of your oils is exceptional and that my husband and son are hooked on your soap and the sleepy bath oil!! People who see and smell the products in our home are very inquisitive!!!"


Luxury night-time hand cream

Round off the sleep treat with a luxury blend of essential oils which nourish the hands whilst aiding relaxation.  Buy online.

Sleep tincture

Naturally grown herbs have been carefully selected to produce a Tincture which is a wonderful addition to the sleep range.  Buy online.

Tranquility mist

The Tranquility Mist includes the Essential Oil of Mandarin, known to calm an overactive mind. It is wonderful for people working on computers and is excellent for children.  Buy online.

Neck and shoulder massage oil

The exquisite essential oil of Jasmine as well as Vetiver and Lavender are included in this massage oil.  Buy online.

Herbal tea bags

A night time treat.  Sip a cup of this special blend of herbal tea whilst relaxing in the evening bath or just before going to sleep.  Buy online.

Lavender infused honey

This honey has been lovingly made by standing the lavender flowers in the honey for a few weeks to impart the gentle fragrance and healing properties of lavender.  Buy online.

Essential sleep roll on

Perfect for travelling, the Essential Sleep roll on is easy to keep in your handbag.  Buy online.

Linen mist range

The linen mist range is wonderful for use before bedtime or to refresh linens which have been in storage. Available in Rose and Citrus.

Vaporizer crystals and oil

A time to sleep…

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